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It’s been a difficult year in more ways than one, including our jobs becoming more demanding than ever.  There may be fewer staff in your organisation, you may be required to pick up more responsibilities or you are expected to focus on the more important tasks, leaving your admin tasks behind.  There has never been a better time to start to think about how you can improve your day-to-day job through automation. 

Traveltek and Traverse have joined forces to help you improve your day-to-day job - enabling you to be freed up from laborious, repetitive and mind-numbing tasks, and for you to work smarter. xFlow Studio is our FREE automation product which allows you to install a digital helper onto your machine to take care of the tasks you would like to automate.  From copying and pasting from system to system, to matching figures – you can automate heavy manual tasks that don’t require your full attention or, on the other hand, require more attention from you.

To find out more about the key features and benefits of xFlow Studio our FREE RPA product, please watch this short demo video. 

xFlow Studio enables you to:

  • Automate your tasks to free up your time
  • Integrate with applications from MS Office, email platforms or databases
  • Build your own workflow with your own rules
  • Manage your digital helper's schedule, pause or turn your automations on and off
  • Analyse the results of your automations

Our xFlow Studio product is currently available for launch in Spring 2021 so we’re asking you to register your interest now by filling in your details in the from to the right.  We will update you on our progress when registering and look forward to rolling this software out to you in the near future.

What tasks can you automate using xFlow Studio?

Finding Online Prices – It is a huge task to continuously look at websites manually, and gather information from there, from prices to content.  You could set up your digital helper to automatically scrape the prices, whether it’s weekly or monthly, and provide you with a spreadsheet or database of the information for you to use.

Tasks include:

  • Create automation script where you automatically go to your URL
  • Select the information you want to scrape
  • Confirm and check your selection
  • Test your helper
  • Set scrape to take place how often you require it to run
  • Monitor how long your automation takes
  • Analyse results within a spreadsheet or database

Copying and Pasting – Many people have to copy and paste from one system to another in their jobs, say from their Reservation System to their CRM, or to spreadsheets.  If you want to duplicate information in multiple systems, you can set up your digital helper to automate information from one system to the other, so when you type in one, the helper will fill the other system out for you and then provide you with the results of your automation.

Tasks include:

  • Create an automation script to copy and paste from one system to another
  • Set automation to run every 15 minutes, for an example
  • Test your helper
  • Analyse results ongoing

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Save Time

Save yourself time and effort from automating some of your own simple tasks.

Gain Control

From starting to think outside of the box, looking at your daily tasks as a whole and analysing what would be useful automated will ultimately give you control over your workload.

Work Smarter

You will become opened up to focus on what really matters in your role, knowing there is a digital helper taking care of your automated tasks with more accuracy, and 24/7